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Although our 2014 sale was held March 10, we have about 25 Angus and Angus/Simmental bulls that weren’t offered for sale earlier. We are offering them for $2,500 to $3,000. Call us or stop by to find out about those bulls. Thanks to the many who made our sale a great success. We appreciate the support from all of you, particularly those who have been coming to us for many years. 

Brad Z Ranch owner Jim Bradford wrote for our Compost Pile (aka our blog page) to share some thoughts about the direction of the cattle industry.

For most herds, sire selection is the primary driver of genetic progress over the years. Sure, your cowherd provides half of the genetics for your calf crop, but if you retain your own heifers, those genetics are a reflection of the bulls you chose 3, 4, or even 15 years ago! Be sure you’re taking the time to make the right sire selection today for the future of your herd!

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