Welcome to Brad Z Ranch

Thanks to all who made our 2016 bull sale such a success. We are looking ahead to our 2017 sale, which is at Brad Z Ranch on Saturday, March 11 at 1 p.m. central. Lunch at noon.

You are also able to place bids online at DVAuction.com

We are offering 50 Angus and Angus/Simm yearling bulls, as well as another ten 18-month bulls. Ten bred females and 20 open females are also being offered.

Take a look at the data on the 60 bulls we are offering for sale this year.


We have also just posted the bulls’ ultrasound information on our Upcoming Sale page.

And data on the heifers:

Open Heifer List 2017 Sale

For most herds, sire selection is the primary driver of genetic progress over the years. Sure, your cowherd provides half of the genetics for your calf crop, but if you retain your own heifers, those genetics are a reflection of the bulls you chose 3, 4, or even 15 years ago! Be sure you’re taking the time to make the right sire selection today for the future of your herd!

Brad Z Ranch owner Jim Bradford wrote a while back for our Compost Pile (aka our blog page) to share some thoughts about the direction of the cattle industry.


Jim Bradford and a customer looking over Brad Z Ranch's 2016 bulls.

Jim Bradford and a customer looking over Brad Z Ranch’s 2016 bulls.