The Market Yo-Yo

The talk of the day is speculation on what the cattle market will be in the future.  May enter into the discussion with no more information than the average man on the street.  While we are spending much time and energy on speculation, we are missing out on actions that could strengthen your bottom line.

The genetic selections you can make…. feed efficiency , carcass improvement, heifer pregnancy and fertility are bottom line improvers.  We have been selecting for those traits related to fertility ever since we started breeding cattle.  Scrotal size and shape are correlated to number of cows safe in calf.  An “air conditioned” bull (one that has a definite narrow neck on the scrotum) has much more viable semen in hot weather.  I don’t recall ever having used a bull with a negative EPD for scrotal size.

Research shows that a pound of feed put into a cow before calving may be as beneficial as 2 pounds given to her after calving.  In other words, get some condition (body condition score 5) on your cows before calving to enhance a higher conception rate next breeding season.

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