An Interview with Erin Bradford

I see you finally agreed to do a Q&A for the Compost Pile. Explain who you are in relation to Brad Z Ranch.

A: My Dad and Mom, Jim and Mary Bradford, operate Brad Z Ranch.

Q: And tell us about this new venture you’re about to launch.

A: Bodoga Terra is a heifer development facility; in short, Kaleb and I will take heifer calves in to care for, develop, and breed for cow/calf producers around the country.  When these critters arrive back at their home ranch, they will be confirmed artificially insemination bred and in excellent condition to begin a long, productive life for their owners.

Q: Hmm. I thought Bodoga was a grocery store in some Latin countries. But it seems that word is bodega so I guess I can’t come there to buy plantains or tortillas or black beans. So please explain the name.

A: Bodoga is Gaelic for Heifer and Terra is Gaelic for Land, so….that’s how we came up with Bodoga Terra Heifer Development.  I’m proud of my Irish roots so it seemed like a great, fun, creative fit.  Plus, nobody can say it or spell it so it makes for a great conversation piece.

Q: Don’t properly tended heifers need more attention than any almost other category of bovine? Why would you want to do that?

A: Yes, heifers require a lot of extra attention, second only to the 1st calf heifer.  Our service provides a two-fold system that benefit your animals and long-term ranch profitability. Our nutrition and health development of the heifers allows for absolute optimum performance without sacrificing long-term productivity. In addition, by artificially inseminating producer’s heifers twice, we are using genetic selection to weed out the critters with poorer fertility.  By providing this exceptional service, cow/calf producers know they are adding value to the product (heifer) they originally started with and utilizing the additional ranch space to give extra TLC to those at home that might need it, ie, old cows, 1st calf heifers.

Q: Who is doing this with you?  Why did he agree?

A: Kaleb Kuck is my partner in crime;  we are getting married in December.  Kaleb knew that starting a heifer development was a dream of mine and sought out locations in his home area that might function appropriately for this specific service. He is equally excited about working with cow/calf producers in this faucet.  He has a purebred Angus operation that we will also be looking after.

Q: Explain more of the reasons why cattle producers might consider working with you?

A: We love to work and sincerely care about sending your heifers back to you in higher quality form than when they arrived.

Q: Do you think women understand female cows better than men? Wait, don’t answer because it will be more fun for me to answer. Author’s answer: “Of course, how many men do you know who really understand the women in their lives? Why do you think this is much different?” Okay, Erin, you can answer now if you think you can beat that.

A: I can’t beat that; it’s true.

Q: How can people find out more information if they want to check out your new heifer development center.

A:Our website is the most concise place to find information: or I can be reached anytime at 515-494-8619.

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