Pre-Sale Thoughts from Dale

There have been a lot of changes in the beef industry since I was an Animal Science student in the early 1980’s. Genomic-enhanced EPDs, sexed semen, new regulations and consumer demands are just a few.

Three things have not changed though: the importance of getting a live calf, the necessity of producing a quality product for the consumer, and market fluctuations. The first two haven’t changed because it’s obvious that you have to produce the product in order to sell it. And, we need an end product that the consumer readily wants to purchase.

We can help on both those accounts. In our offering this year we have quite a few calving ease bulls to select from. These are the kind of bulls that make for worry-free nights during calving season.


Dale Foster of Brad Z Ranc

We also offer proof of the quality end product that our cattle are capable of producing. Below you’ll find carcass data from our animals that were harvested in 2017. These steers were the cull end of our 2016 calf crop. We are selling some 2016 bulls on the sale this year. These are bulls that we intentionally held back to offer as two year olds. You can see how their contemporaries performed and the quality of the final product as it headed to retail outlets.

So whether you sell your calves at weaning or feed them out, we have a bull that will fit your operation. Oh, and market fluctuations? We’re working on that.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our cattle.

On behalf of the entire Brad Z crew,

Dale Foster

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